Summer in the Interior

It’s finally here. After months of waiting, staring longingly out the windows, summer has arrived. 

Long summer nights, bonfires, swimming, hiking, running, playing…these are a few of the summertime activities I look forward to.


My chokecherry is budding…

 Ferns unwinding… 

And rhubarb bursting out of the ground with force and life. 

Summertime in Alaska is truly a short blip in the calendar year, one which everyone looks forward to at some point and enjoys as long as possible. 


2 thoughts on “Summer in the Interior

  1. philippabowe

    Yeeha! There is no denying that summer is a gorgeous time. It’s very hot here, green taking over the world, plant life encroaching everywhere I look, cicadas trilling, insects buzzing…And I can go barefoot!


    1. Kelsie Engen Post author

      Barefoot! That’s bold! For us, the mosquitoes have come out–but are yet to be out in full force. They’ll probably get a lot worse this summer yet!



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