Spring is Here

It’s officially spring in Fairbanks. The snow is (pretty much) gone, and the trees are finally budding. Soon they will not be barren at all, but bright yellow green and full of life.


There is a sense of renewal this time of year, almost like New Year’s. Everything starts over, and beginnings even smell fresh. 


This year is no different. Well, perhaps different from the past five springs, as I spent the last five springs in Washington State, and now return to my home state springs. In Washington, the world is almost always green. Although the trees lose their leaves in the fall, the ferns remain green, there is moss all over the trees, and the grass remains green. Winter never truly seems to arrive there.

Here, it’s vastly different. Since September, we’ve had lifeless trees and all winter they have been in alternate states of barrenness, snow-covered, or iced over. It is a relief to have warm days (60F or higher) and be able to go to the playground and peel off the jackets.


2 thoughts on “Spring is Here

  1. Pete

    Spring is indeed a nice change of pace from the ice and way to much below zero weather. Now for me spring harkens the beginning of fishing season, bears and mosquitoes.



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