Cold Snap & Sourdough

It happens every year. Every year by this time, we get a cold snap. Usually, the first one happens in November or December. This year it waited until late January.

Today temperatures reached the -40s. Yep. That’s our cold snaps here in Fairbanks. Minus thirty is chilly, but it’s when the minus forties are reached that Fairbanksians start acting like it’s actually cold. Residents idle their cars in the parking lots, wear hats, gloves, snow pants, snow boots, just for the short walk from the car to the grocery store. The gas pumps are full, since no one wants to run out of gas on a day like today.

The windowsills freeze over, reminding you of the temperature outside despite the warmth inside. But get too close to a door or window, and a cold draft betrays the penetrating chill.


Looking ahead, the forecast doesn’t warm up for awhile. In fact, Thursday will be our highlight with highs of minus fifteen.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 8.05.05 PM

I guess there will be a lot of playing by the fire and baking in the kitchen this week.

Speaking of which, I think I finally got my sourdough starter to work. After months of nurturing it, feeding it countless cups of flour and water, lovingly mixing it and putting it in my proofing box to keep it at optimal temperatures, it would appear that I have a lively starter! In fact, I am proofing a loaf overnight in the fridge because I didn’t have time to finish & bake it tonight. I’m excited to take it out tomorrow morning, let it warm up, finish rising, and then bake it! I am hoping that this will (finally) be a successful sourdough excursion for me!


Regardless of the frigid air that burns your lungs and freezes your fingers within seconds, it’s still beautiful. Somehow, it almost seems more beautiful in its danger.

So stay warm, and stay prepared. Winter has arrived.


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