Happy 2015!

Well, it’s 2015.


Since we joke that our children are betrothed, it’s only fitting I have a picture of baby A proposing to baby girl A! 🙂

I honestly cannot believe how quickly the past year (and especially November and December 2014) flew by. Of course, I had a lot of life changes–more so than any other year of my life perhaps.

Last year made me a mother, returned me to Alaska, made me a published author, and gave me so many related challenges that I’m still reeling.

Fairbanks has been under a white cloud the past few days, making the fireworks we hoped to see from our house a no-go. With friends visiting and two babies exactly the same age (three hours apart), going out late at night without a baby-sitter would have been a trick, a trick that we weren’t going to attempt given half of us have a bad cold or infection right now. So we stayed in, hoping to view the 8 p.m. UAF fireworks from our house, but couldn’t.

Oh well. Today is my friend’s, J, birthday. I met J when we were attending our church down in Snohomish, Washington, and we were privileged to share our pregnancies together and even have our babies the same day (unplanned and completely unexpected). It’s been fantastic to spend this past week with J and her husband, C, and their baby girl A. It’s awesome to see the babies reunited after half their lives apart now. They spent many a day together after their birth, and we crashed with J & C after we sold our house down there and had no where to go for a week or two.

Our visit with them has been amazing, we even managed to find them a moose! (A baby, but still, usually when you’re looking for a moose, they’re nowhere to be found!) The menfolk have given us women a few hours away from the kids, allowing us to reconnect, and remind us of how awesome our hubbies are. It’s been so much fun, I’m not looking forward to Saturday morning when they leave us. Still, I know that they are the type of people who I can always pick up where we left off. It really feels as though almost no time had passed between us–except that our children look so much older and really play together now, rather than just rolling around on the ground next to each other.

We’ve been busy creating memories in 2014, memories that will always be with us.


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