How Did it Get So Late?

Is it just me, or has December been crazy busy for everyone else too?

I’ve only posted on this blog once this month! Once! Even my camera has been collecting dust.

Granted, it’s been a very white December, and when it snows, the skies are nearly as white as the ground. So pictures go by the wayside.

But now, as the Christmas arrival begins its final countdown, and presents are purchased and placed under the tree (no Santa here!), it’s catch-up season.


Presents…or cats?


I’ve kept myself so busy lately that I hardly know where to start.

The days continue to shorten, but we are soon to be gaining daylight. Many look forward to December 21st most of all, as it marks the turn from when we lose daylight to gaining. Currently we enjoy just 3 hours and 45 minutes of sunlight a day.

There are a few benefits to this lack of daylight hours though. For one, you get amazing shots of the moon, especially when full. Second, even if you’re not an early bird, you get to experience awesome sunrises (and sunsets).


So far this year we have had a warm winter. It’s rarely dipped below zero, and in the hills where we live, we enjoy temperatures in the teens or higher. Thankfully, it’s stayed below freezing, but we’ve had a few days of pretty nasty roads as well. The city of Fairbanks keeps the roads well-maintained, spreading gravel on the icy curves and at the stoplights to offer traction. The downside of this gravel use is that a windshield that makes it through the winter unscathed is a rare phenomenon. (I got my first winter chip the other week, which will probably spread soon if not treated.) Chips in windshields up here rarely stay chips for long, as well. With the cold temperatures, a big bump is all that’s needed to go from chip to crack.

It’s been great running weather though. Although I do have to “bundle,” with hat, neck warmer, light gloves, two pairs of pants and tall socks, two to three shirts and a light jacket, I’m toasty warm while moving without a lot of weight. And keeping my son warm in the stroller is easy so far: a base layer followed by a warm pair of pants and a long sleeved shirt with a fleece over it, a warm hat, then topped with a double layer snowsuit (fleece and windbreaker Columbia suit), and his Alaskan mukluks, placed in the stroller in a zip-up fleece bag, then on colder days, a blanket on top of him, and he stays toasty warm, snoozing as I exert myself up and down the surrounding hills.


Dripping mascara is a small price to pay for an excellent run.

I’m a goal-oriented person who needs a push in order to push myself, so I “signed up” to follow a half-marathon training regime. And, I must say, I’ve been doing pretty good. It’s definitely gotten me back into shape, and I’ve been pushing myself. (I certainly wouldn’t go on hour and a half runs without being pushed.) It gives me a schedule and makes me stick to it.

I’ve been baking bread, canning my highbush cranberries, and decorating the house for Christmas.


Meat sauce!


I love having this bannister to decorate!



2 thoughts on “How Did it Get So Late?

  1. Girl Gone Expat

    Coming from about 71 degrees north I can relate to your mascara problems (and I hate waterproof mascara). My solution: Sensei 38 degrees C – does not come of unless washed off with water 38 degrees (=100F) or hotter:) Good as gold:)
    Great winter picture btw! We visited Denali this summer and LOVED it:)



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