Greek Celebration Bread

Oh, it’s been a busy few weeks.

As the baby becomes more proficient at crawling, he becomes more exploratory and harder to entertain with toys. Sitting down and playing with him on the floor is more an activity of crawling around after him, attempting to keep him from pulling a lamp over on himself, or removing the dog’s toy from his mouth, or removing him from the fireplace hearth. Life with a toddler.

Whoa, did I just say “toddler?” Seems like he’s not that old yet, but…almost eight months. I guess he could qualify.

Regardless, he’s kept me pretty busy. And I’ve been baking. Finally.

My challenge to bake my way through The Bread Baker’s Apprentice book is under way. I’ve completed two recipes now, and this second one turned out very well, I must say. After realizing my yeast was not lively enough to do the job, a new jar has done a fantastic job on my second recipe out of the book: Greek Celebration Bread.

It rose spectacularly, and the tension during my shaping of the loaf made it rise tall and proud. It’s one of the biggest boules I’ve ever made, I must say. My only regret is not slicing the top a bit deeper. It would have made the loaf really pop as it finished rising in the oven and looked much better. Oh well.

My sourdough starter, on the other hand, still refuses to double between feedings. I’ve resorted to feeding every 12 hours as I should, but it’s far from doubled. It gets to perhaps 150% of its beginning size, and no more. I’ll just keep at it, I guess, until I get tired of it and decide our relationship is over.



2 thoughts on “Greek Celebration Bread

  1. annaethain

    Ha ha! Our little man is on the move too, and only wants to play with items that will cause him harm! I can’t take my eyes of him for a minute, and now he can move he hates sitting in a chair:) The bread looks nice too 🙂



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