Old Murphy Dome Road

I took a drive the other day, just for the heck of it. Up the Steese Highway, and straight on through to the Elliott Highway, I turned onto Old Murphy Dome Road. It’s a long road–I’d forgotten just how long it was, and I only made it less than halfway before turning around. (I had a sleeping baby in the backseat.)


I’m not sure why I drove there, but for the reason that my baby was waking, and I knew if I stopped the car, he’d wake up for good, and it was too early for him to end his nap. So I kept driving, and eventually stopped and took some pictures. Because it was just too pretty to ignore.


Just a few miles outside of Fairbanks, Alaska, you can get these kind of views. The kind where you don’t see another living soul for miles.

SAM_4405In driving five or so miles, on a relatively well maintained road (I was surprised, although we haven’t gotten large amounts of snow for awhile, there was evidence of this road being plowed), I saw no one. A couple residences, sure, but no live being, other than many birds. It would be the perfect place to go running. A long stretch of solitude.


And a view like this…

This is probably what people move to Alaska for.


2 thoughts on “Old Murphy Dome Road

  1. Pete

    I understand completely. I live at mile 51 on the Elliott and marvel at the beauty each week when I drive to town for supplies… and the great thing is it constantly changes and transforms itself with the passage of weeks and months.



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