Recalled to Life

Oh it felt good to hit the trails today.

Okay, it wasn’t a trail. And it didn’t feel so much as I was hitting it as it hitting me, especially now, eight hours post run.

But that first half mile, before the cramping sets in, and before you recall that your lungs aren’t in the condition they used to be, and it’s cold out, so they start to burn anyway, before all that, on that downhill slope, there was a spring in my toes propelling me on.

It felt good. No, not good–awesome.

Running these days is a little different from pre-baby runs. My knees hurt more lately, partly from lack of exercise, and pushing a baby in a jogging stroller over packed down snow and ice isn’t exactly what I envisioned for myself when I started running years ago. But it works. True, it takes a nap time to complete the run, but mental and physical health is worth it.

And when you have a running partner as cute as this, who can resist a good jog?


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